AIR AQUA RIFT Tarioplast Color Offering AIR Aqua Rift Tie Dye Leopard Color Rework

Recently, Nike launched an AIR AQUA RIFT new plus leopard color. This brand new color shoe body color is mainly blue purple color matching, with leopard pattern. The specific situation will let Xiaobian lead everyone together to see it!

AIR Aqua Rift Putting Leopard Color Repution

Nike Air Rift in 1996 Nike Air Rift

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Shoes It can be said that it is recommended, unique toe shoe design, and design inspiration sources. Take AIR RIFT, it is taken from the East Amount of East Great Rift Valley. Last year Nike brought the upgraded version of Aqua Rift based on this pair of shoes, recently exposed a new color color.

New color color joins a variety of elements on the upper, from the sunshine to the back, each model

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blocks all style print splicing, solid color from the shoe Light blue, to the central rainbow dress, then go back to the place where the casual flowers, leopard, and visual effects are quite psychedelic.

AIR AQUA RIFT Dye Leopard Color Offer

This new color has not yet released specific release information, like small friends may wish to pay more attention, small compilation Will continue attention!

AIR AQUA RIFT Tarit Leopard color matching?

is worth it! This brand new color match is a good experience in the spring and summer of this spring, and the friends who like it may wish to consider it!

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Nike is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. The sporting goods produced by the company include, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. Nike

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is a world famous sports brand, English idea refers to Greek victory goddess, Chinese translation for Nike.

The Nike logo pattern is a small hook. Nike has always motivated every athlete around the world and is a glorious task for its best products. Nike\’s first gas cushion technology brought a revolution to the sports community. Sneakers using this technology can protect the knees of the athletes well. Decrease the impact on the knee when it is flexible to land.

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