Air Jordan 1 Black and yellow toe when I offer Air Jordan 1 \\\”NO L\’S\\\” physical appreciation

In Xiaobian admiring, the AJ ball shoes, the only one who felt a good look was AJ1 North Card Blue, now this pair of AIR Jordan 1 black and yellow toe is also quite good. So when is Air Jordan 1 black toe for sale? Let\’s go to understand.

Air Jordan 1 Black yellow toe for sale

Since this year\’s NBA canceled the \\\”prohibition of wearing\\\”, compared to the \\\”prohibited resale\\\” series launched by Jordan Brand, it will have super

Nike Air Jordan 1 Men

High popularity, black yellow, black red popular color matching made Blue book, supplemented with a lot of interesting slogans, the heavy pound Air Jordan 1 in the end of this year

According to current news, black and yellow, black yellow, two coloring AIR

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Jordan 1 \\\”NO L \\u0026 # 39; S\\\” will be officially released in December this year The price is $ 160, the volume should be not big, you must start the difficulty, more news we will continue to track reports

Air Jordan 1 \\\”NO L \\u0026 # 39; S \\\”in kindness appreciation

The upper main use of black and white yellow three colors for matching, very bright

The lace is a color color, One black, yellow

The back side of the shoes is the slogan printed with no photos banned

Air Jordan 1 \\\”N

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O L \\u0026 # 39; S \\\”on the foot chart\\\”

The foot feels are very handsome, not a general bright eye

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