AJ1 All-Star Color is available? AJ1 \\\”City of Flight\\\” Los Angeles theme will be released tomorrow

AJ1 all-star color, that is, in order to welcome the NBA all-star game color in Los Angeles this year, there is a news that spy photos exposure is not released last year, now this \\\”tall call\\\” AIR Jordan 1 \\\”City of Flight\\\” finally welcomed news, just tomorrow, like a small partner quickly appreciate the real thing together.

AJ1 All-Star Color How to

Let\’s take a look at the side, really handsome to fly, lychee skin, Phnom Penh hook, with pure black sole, this pair of shoes absolute Become the explosion in AJ1.

The overall shoe is made up in black,

shuary for men nike


Nike womens shoes

section added to the golden embellishment, the litchi skin is rich The texture, with a white midsole and crystal blue outsole, the largest highlight is the map with Los Angeles at the insole.

It is reported that the shoe will be officially put on the official website in China tomorrow, tomorrow morning, release price is ¥ 1299 RMB , Like a small partner to set a alarm tomorrow.

What is the NBA All-Star Tournament

All-star game is from the National Basketball Association in 1951 3 The first time the month was held for the first time, the annual NBA star collection show. Each year, the best players in the two regions of the East and Western parties have held a match to win a match. After evolving, the contemporary all-star competition has developed into a \\\”all-star weekend\\\” for 3 days.

On 4 October 2017, the All-Star Tournament was reforms, canceled the previous East and Western confrontation, using the all-star two captains to select the mixed team from the selection of the star game The way. The system of all-star selection is unchanged in 2018, and the starter is still selected by fans, media and players. It is selected by the coach, and there are 12 people. The change occurs in the team mode, and the two players who have visited the fans in the East and west have become the captain,

Nike Air Forces

Two captains selected two teams from the selection of all-star games, no longer It is the confrontation of the East and West, but two major partition all-star players mixed teams.

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