AJ34SE spy photos exposure AJ34 SE black and white color release information

The release of AJ34 has caused widespread concern from the entire basketball shoe market. This shoe is the top-scale basketball shoes created by Nike. It is the lightest one in the AJ series, using

Nike No Show Socks Men [ 123] The technology is also the top configuration. Today, Xiaobian brings a SE version of the AJ34. Whether it has changed in the shape or configuration, interested friends can come and fun together!

AJ34SE spy photos exposure

The little friend looks at the above AJ34, analyzed from the shape, the AJ34SE lace position makes huge Change, have a zipper constructor

Womens nike v shoes

, it may be the most likely to protect the footsteps, so that the overall package of the shoes is stronger, I don\’t know if the weight of this shoe will increase, in Changes in other places are not very large, but the position of the air cushion in the shoes also increases the thickness!

AJ34 SE black and white color release information

Many small partners are very curious about AJ34, this Nike Corporate\’s new top-actress basketball shoes, very unique in the shape, today Xiaobian brings this AJ34SE that has changed again in the overall construction, but unfortunately there is no specific offer information on the Internet, interested friends can pay attention to us, we will sell this first time. The latest news of shoes!

AJ34 is suitable for the player wears

AJ34 suitable position, it is still very much, which can basically meet the various needs, the midsole configuration of this pair of shoes, except Eclipse Plate, foremaster, is a super block Zoom Air, and the post-palm is a six

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Zoom Air. In general, the technology of this pair of shoes is enough, and the blood is enough, and it is true enough. It is really a time.

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