Billy\’s X Vans Red Black Style 36 Spy photos Share Vans Style 36 Joint Red Black Color Appreciation

Newborn brand Billy\’s this time is to expand its own influence, this time there is a new Billy\’s X Vans Red Black Style 36, the new product spy photos have been exposed, the small friends have a heart Woolen cloth? It is said that this perfect reduction of Vans Old Skool, can you say a pair of retro shoes, let\’s take a look at how.

Billy\’s X Vans Red Black Style 36 Spy photos


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Skool is based on the STYLE 36, Style 36 is restored. Vans Old Skool\’s most retro original, it has a small shoe, the SideStripe side stripe is still eye-catching. A pair of Style 36 was produced in an asymmetric design and chessboard element, which continued to continue the black branch in suede shoe and followed, side and shoes tongue

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used to use the gorgeous red Canvas contrast, large laterally black, full visual impact.

BILLY\’s X Vans Red Black Style 36 Offers

Currently, this new colorful Billy\’s X Vans Red Black Style 36 has not been released for sale, like The small partner can continue to pay attention to us.

BILLY\’s brand

Billy\’s is a trend shoe store rooted in Tokyo, Japan, and it has already had eight branches in Japan in 2014. At present, the latest stores are opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the store will provide larger shopping space and more items in the theme of \\\”transparent\\\”. In order to celebrate the opening of Shinjuku store, Billy\’s and Vans join hands to push

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The joint series, including Old Skool Shoes and a set of sportswear, black, purple color.

Last year, it opened a new store in Tenka, and now I am planning my forces to Japan\’s traditional cultural heavy towns – Kyoto, Kyoto Since 794, Wu Tiansheng, in 1868 Tokyo Tuchako has always been the capital of Japan. This Billy\’s Kyoto store will be officially opened on March 27. At the same time, in order to celebrate the opening of the new store, Billy\’s also launched the joint work of Vans and design studios.

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