Clover launches low green color matching inner appreciation Adidas Rivalry Low Hi-Res Green Offers

Adidas\’s clover series has become a symbol of Adidas since 1972, when all Adidas products use this sign. Xiaobian today brings you the latest colorful color of the clover, Adidas Rivalry Low low green, interested partners follow the small series to see it!

This shoe is mainly green, color in the form of a splashing ink. a feeling of.

Side print shallow green gives people a kind of moisture-like sole experience

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There is a cloud in the back of the shoe, and the gravure is like a spray, and the style of the whole double shoe is sublimated. After it is also printed with gold shamrock exclusive logo

Adidas Rivalry Low Hi-RES GREEN Offers

Special color matching this model is to celebrate China\’s Singles Day. Choose bold aesthetics, shoes to wear a high-resolution nike no show socks men

green, cloud white, and gold foil-colored solution, the main features of the shoes include a green suede cover cover cloud Design, matching lace, translucent outsole and gold accent tongue, eye, heart-shaped upper hole, and heel.

November 11 (Asian Singles Day), the retailer of Adidas and ( has a retail price of $ 90.

What is the difference between clover and Adidas

Clover is a sub-brand of Adidas brand, and the Adidas brand has now included three sub-brands. They are: Adi Life, Adidas Clover and NEO. And many netizens asked about this adidas usually refer to the Adi life series, then what is the difference between concrete clover and Adidas (Adi Life)? From a broad sense, clover and Adidas (Adi Life) have the following points:

(1) Logo style

Adidas brand LOGO is the three-bar bar + adidas text (as shown below – left), while the LOGO of the clover is a three-leaf shape of three leaves (as shown below – right)

(2)LOGO color

Adidas\’s brand logo color is black and white, while the LOGO color of the clover is blue (more color is used in the goods, but the LOGO color color of the main brand is blue) [123 ]

2, brand positioning

Adidas (Adi Life) brand positioning is exercise, suitable for people in various ages; the brand positioning of clover is fashionable, suitable for pursuit of trend, pursuing quality High-end group purchase; NEO brand positioning is young, most of the number is young.

3, Product Function

Adidas (Adi Life) brand series is more suitable for sports, products include clothing, shoes, and accessories, most of them are sports \\\”\\\”); While the product positioning of the clover brand is \\\”light fashion\\\”, pay attention to

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Multi-shaped chiciary and novel, the product applicable occasion is casual.

4, fabric material

The single item under the Adidas (Adi Life) series is to be worn in sportswear, so the fabric is mostly made of breathable, sweat and other materials, and the texture of clothing is soft and comfortable. The fabric is relatively thin, the shoes are light, suitable for running and other sports.

Clover brand is the tide name in sports brands, and the products pay more attention to board and appearance. The clothing is made of cotton, polyester fiber, polyester such as fabric (most single product is a mixed material, because the material of the mix and match can create a more beautiful and fashionable version), the spring and autumn and winter clothing are relatively heavy; shoes Also dominated by fashion, classic version, such as a well-known \\\”gold label shell head\\\”, simple small coconut, etc., is all appearance, but the material is not suitable for strenuous exercise.

Simple Adi Life) is more suitable for sports than clover; in shape, no matter whether clothing is still shoes, clover is better than Adidas (Adi life).

5, version

From the product function we are not difficult to distinguish, the version of Adidas (Adi Life) is a touch of self-cultivation, including shoes, version design More consider the functionality rather than aesthetic; while clover is more variable in the version, the basic costumes such as SuperStar and Trefoil, the version is similar to Adidas (Adi Life), EQT and some jointly The joint name, the version is changed, and the beauty is more favorable.

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