Coconut Boost 350 V2 \\\”Black and White Double\\\” spy photos share Yeezy Boost 350 V2 2018 real appreciation

. They looked at the 2018 coconut series, fortunately

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, 2018 coconut spy photos have come out, classic black and white two, shoes fascia, smaller Let\’s take a look.

Coconut Boost 350 V2 \\\”Black and White Double\\\” spy photos

As early as long ago, Adidas exposed several new color of the 2018 purple coconut, such as the following double blue, of course , Solid color is available, this life can certainly can\’t forget.

YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 2018 In addition to maintaining overall footwear design, using black and white \\\”oil lacquer\\\” details, the relative fashion color selection is bound to be in hand. In addition, it is now exposed to \\\”Tan\\\”, \\\”Reverse OREO\\\” directly, and traditional color matching does not know that it will be welcome to be welcomed.

Coconut Boost 350 V2 \\\”Black and White Double\\\” Off Information

Currently, these two have not yet been released, like a small partner remember to pay attention to our interest 6 We will publish the latest news for you in the first time.

YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Why is such fire

Compared to the old 350, V2 is also a lot of sincerity. The first thing to say is that comfort, the old 350 and Ub, NMD, etc., the same use of the whole palm Boost, but there is no feeling of UB after the foot. Even than NMD is a bit inferior. Although the BOOST density is not the same because the old 350\’s outer substrate material is hard, this is also a process

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affects the response of Boost. The outermost bottom of V2 is larger than the old 350, and the material is relatively soft and easy to deform. Almost there is a kind of implantation of UB when I first hicked, very soft.

In addition to the sense of foot, the workmanship is also the place where V2 is more sincere. Compared with the old 350 ignition

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prepared the inverse blocker with Roshe Run, V2\’s upper is more thick, and there are many reinforced and filled parts inside the shoe. The feeling is relatively full, and the price is worth it.

However, the problem of thick upper and plurality of fills isSize selection changes.Some netizens said that the old 350 upper comparison will lead to large, and the number of normal AD codes is selected.And V2 bought the same number, as a result, unloaded the insole and a little tight.So size suggestion, choose your normal AD code, or the big half is relatively stable. If you pursue your foot effect, you will choose the normal AD code. After all, this type of whole upper is the number of code numbers, the foot will look loose.

V2 a variety of bold colors, meets different people\’s pursuit of visual impact, such as gray oranges with strong visual impact, and also to match, very well, very test tideThe aesthetic beauty of the tide.

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