Converse Chuck 70 new floral color sale Converse Chuck 70 啥意

Recently, Converse launched a CONVERSE CHUCK 70 new floral color. This new floral color shoe is chosen to tie the dyeing skills, it seems that

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is very qualitative! How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!

Converse Chuck 70 Appreciation of the new floral colors

Recently, Converse used the following season as the theme, using floral pattern as decoration, creating a Chuck 70 new Color. The outer side of the upper is dark red, and the blue-shaped style floral totem is composed of floral totems, and the inner side is presented with bright pink green two-color floral, which is in the dark

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secret. Not only that, this pair of shoes is still very special and transparent, and the inner floral is full of prints. It can feel full of spring when they do not care.

Converse Chuck 70 New Flower Color Offering

It is reported that this new color color is currently available overseas, offering price of $ 93. Like a small friend may wish to consider Haitao to start!

Converse Chuck 70 啥 意 意

Converse Chuck70 is 1970s, but everyone prefer to call 1970s, and more than 1970s, actually a model, high Help, low help, 1970s has a lot of popularity, classic blue, deciduous yellow, etc. A denim 1970s has also been introduced in the near future.

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CONVERSE was born in 1908. Since the establishment of Converse adheres to the independence design of the brand, not followed. Originally produced \\\”rubber shoes\\\”, but will soon start doing tennis and basketball shoes. Converse Global Headquarters officially landed in Boston, USA.

Set retro, popular, environmentally friendly ALL STAR canvas shoes, is the spiritual symbol of American culture, with its own desire, free from wearing form, but also a loyal shot of young people who are self-fashion . In the Chinese market, now the most leading to the city is proud of the three major classics with Chuck Taylor All Star (all star classic canvas shoes), Jack Purcell, CONS (skateboarding shoes) three series.

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