Converse floral joint sale information Converse X Shaniqwa Jarvis joint shoes to start channel

The shoes of Converse floral pattern are not in a minority, and it is also available for sale. Recently, Converse once again and the famous trend photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis brings us new floral shoes. The main meaning is also expressing to father. Love, the color of the shoes is still very online, let\’s take a look.

Converse floral joint sale information

Converse floral joint sale will be released on August 13th, let\’s take a look at the design of the shoes, the flower of the upper The pattern is photographed when photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis Mexico, is also mainly for

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. It is also touched by his child\’s parents to give converse chuck as a gift.

Side translucent jelly, also covered with corresponding floral patterns. At the same time, it is equipped with pure white and colorful laces, shoe boxes and the dust bags with the same floral pattern.

In addition to the shoes at the same time, there is also a hooded sweater, the back pattern is also the Shaniqwa\’s floral photography.

Converse X Shaniqwa Jarvis joint shoes to start channel

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Shaniqwa Jarvis joint shoes will be in the following regions Look together, let\’s take a look:

Converse official WeChat applet, Converse Tmall flagship store, Yysports Shengdao Trend official flagship store, Converse Shanghai IAPM store, Converse Beijing Sanlitun Taigiri store, Converse Zhejiang Hangzhou Wulin 546 store, Converse Zhejiang

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Jianghubin 292 store, CONVERSE Hunan Changsha Huangxing North Road flagship store, Converse Sichuan Chengdu Taigi store, Converse Sichuan Chengdu Yinshi Prefecture Store and Specifying the Energy Shop is released, interested in friends must pay more attention!

Converse floral shoes how to clean

The words of cleaning the Converse should not be completely immersed in the kind of brushing, the small series of recommendations is to use the wet The rag wiped the shoe or the bottom of the sole, too dirty positions are targeted, and it is necessary to use a soft brush, toothpaste, or to wash, or professional shoes cleaningDivision, don\’t let the sole glue to touch the water, after washing, be sure to put on the dark and ventilated place, the upper cover is covered with a paper towel, let the shoes naturally dry, prevent the canvas discoloration, it is best not to use laundry powder soap 84 disinfectant,Unless you have a deep hatred with your shoes.

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