Crown on the foot of the foot!Undercover X Daybreak is released next week!

Japan Fashion Brands Undercover and Nike have been closely collaboration, except for the high-end branch line Gyakusou series, the two sides teamed up with joint shoes. Very keen on fashion, functional high-bridge shield, not only good at the material\’s innovation, but also innovation in shoe. Recently, the UNDERCOVER X NIKE series that is concerned is about to be released, we can first look at the new stage design style. Just just, NIKE\’s domestic official website officially put the sale notice for Undercover X Nike Daybreak, let\’s take a look. The overall design is designed to design blueme. The shape has a special streamline and a profile, with a suede and silk fabric, showing a rich retro style. The brightest feature is that the sawtooth extension is followed by, not only modified the shoe shape, but also improve the temperament of the whole double shoe, highlights sharp, domineering sports texture. Sports under the middle of the running shoes decorated with a splashing ink. The overall design style, continuous brand consistent simple feeling, street wind, and expression. At the same time, the Chinese Light Guan Ge is also on Instagram, and the Undercover X Nike Daybreak will take the foot photos of Undercover X Nike Daybreak. It does not hide your favorite love. It is reported that this pair of shoes will be released in June. In the same period, there will be a variety of clothing one and the sale, interested partners can

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to continue to pay attention to our information, we will bring follow-up to follow-up reports. The latest news said that the Undercover X Nike Daybreak series will be released on June 7, the price is \\u0026 yen; 1199 yuan, the same period will also have a clothing for sale, interested partners may wish to click the link below to learn from the next link. Start address: Undercover x Nike Daybreak / (blue)

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