Girls exclusive cool gray dud spray sale information Cool gray coated crowns realistic map appreciation

In the autumn and winter season, everyone\’s first reaction is Nike inhibit shoes, not only keep warm and the upper feet is also very high. In recent time, Nike\’s furnish color is also constantly updated. Today, the small preparation is a pair of fashionable cool graffiti coloring, let\’s take a look at Xiaobian.

Cool gray coated crowns realistic map appreciation

Let\’s first look at the details of this pair of shoes, the whole shoes are showing a cool gray, upper It is made by foaming materials, and the matte effect makes it full of shoes, and the black decoration further shows the low-profile temperament of the double shoe.

Nike Air Max 97

After luminosing the yellow logo decoration, the eye effect is full, the center of the carbon plate is also covered with graffiti line.

The liner uses the colorful graffiti design, which is extremely bold, and the personality is full of personalities

About this pair of shoes for sale in 11 The month is officially released, the offer is $ 180

Nike Shoes Jordan 1

, interested friends may wish to pay more attention, or start according to the item number 644791-009.

Autumn is worth starting to start in the shoes recommended

Zi camouflage spray, different from conventional solid color dress, the shoe body uses bright purple and dark blue color tone stitching, constitutes a classic camouflage pattern. The outer black swoosh echoes the shoe neck, and the shoe is more injected into the delicate mini swoosh embellishment. The black outsole is maximizing the phenomenon of oxidation, which makes a lot of bubble players very pleased. The overall value is unique, and the upper foot will also have a super high return rate!

The United States sprayed, with the design of the yin and yang, the design of the American flag colors. The biggest feature is to use fewer inner and external color yin and yang designs in the bubble. Both the outer side of the feet are pure white, while the inside is dressed in red and blue.

Copper bubbles do not use the 2012 crystal outsole, avoiding oxidation problems, and also catering overall stabilization, with swoosh, shoe collar Black tones finished the United States.

How to feel the foot of the fur

First spray and bubbles are two shoes, I personally feel that it is more suitable for daily matching, bubble, that is, NIKE Air

Sapatos Nike Nuevos Para Hombre

FoampostitePro side will make more nike signs, this I think may be for pants and legsThe request is slightly higher, I am a child who is playing, so there is no pants that are very tidal, so how is it simple.

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