Harden 4 colorful neon color spy photos Appreciation Harden Vol.4 Colorful Neon Offers

Today we will come to see a top-scale basketball shoes, Adidas\’s home shoes Haden 4th generation, recently coming out, a new colorful neon theme Harden 4 generation, the value is very high, The body uses a variety of color combinations, and interested friends come together to look at it!

Haden 4 colorful neon color spy photos appreciation

The shoe body is black as the main body, with pink and fluorescent green dotted, cool The neon light at night is generally eye-catching.


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The tie in the middle is printed with the orange powder of the sun, and the palm tree pattern is created.

The liner is a blue powder grid dress, adding a few points of the Safari.

Harden Vol.4 Colorful Neon Off Information

There is currently no sale information, interested friends may wish to pay more attention. Interested friends can pay attention to the fun stream to learn the latest information!

? It should be a personal problem, I will try 100% unfasis, but this

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still looks at the personal foot type, uncertain can go to the physical store to try.

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James Harden, born on August 26, 1989, Los Angeles, California, USA Professional Basketball Athletes, the staff guard, which is effective in the NBA Houston Rockets.

James Haden entered NBA in 2009, which has been played in the Thunder and Rockets, the best new show for the best new show in the rookie season, and the first sixth person in 2011-12- The third line of the best lineup was selected in the season, 5 times selected the best lineup first lineup, 8 times selected all star lineup, 2017-18 season won the regular season MVP, 2 times a won NBA score king,

nike tmac shuary 123] 1 won the NBA Assistance King.

James Haden won the London Olympic gold medal in 2012 with the American Men\’s Basketball, 2014 with the US team won the Spanish Basketball World Cup champion. 2019 Forbes 100 people list, James Harden ranked 64th bit.

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