How did Kobe have an unexpected Kobe? Is it harmed by others?

In the eyes of the eye, I have been over half a year. The Kobe aircraft has also been a paragraph, but many fans still feel difficult, and even guessing the Biece is so good, the death will not be a conspiracy. Is there such a possibility? Let\’s take you a look at you!

How did Kobe have an accident

According to the report of the US media, Kobe is died in the early morning of January 27, and the time of death. 41 years old. It is reported that witnesses say that the engine has issued an abnormal sound before the helicopter crashed, and then the plane fell. The media originally exposed to Kobe said that there were 5 people to be killed on the aircraft, but the Los Angeles police confirmed at the latest press conferences that all 9 people on this helicopter (8 passengers and 1 pilot) were unfortunately killed.

Is Kobe?

The official statement is that Kobe is dead, but Kobe

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The unexpected crash is full of suspense, first of all, Why do Kobe take off in such a bad time? Secondly, Kobe is actually available to other means of transportation, that is, Kobe\’s crash is very likely not to accidentally, so that the chain reaction of the incident of the confusing event is once, the league once Kobe fell into the edge of the crash. However, this

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is one of the various versions of the network, and there is no real hammer evidence that Kobe is killed. .

Why did Kobe do not skyrocachuse

Why do you care about why there is no flight impair in the crash event, mainly because of the conditional restrictions on the time. First of all, because the fog is blocked at the time, the aircraft must not wait for it, followed by parachute to complete the skydiving without less than 700m, according to the time of Kobe\’s aircraft is only 500m, so you can\’t skyrocate. Finally, there is a propeller on top of the helicopter to jump out, and the parachute is also difficult to escape the threat of the propeller.

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