Is Tutum Is Black or Whitatum Tutum Is Kobe Distance?

Tutum is a very good player, which is popular and loved by the fans in NBA. And NBA is another black, and there is less players, so everyone is inevitably interested in the skin color of the player. So Tamam is a black or white? How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you, let\’s take a look at it!

Tamum is a black or white

Tutum is a black, although Tutum\’s skin color looks very white, but Tutum is a black. Tutum\’s parents are not white, but they have born with a skin color of the white NBA star. In fact, this can also be understood that because the United States is an immigrant country, black and white is also very common, although the black gene is powerful, but Tutum\’s parents may also be mixed. In the generation of Tamum, the black gene became invisible, so Tamum looks very white.

Tamam is a Kobe Distance?

Toud is a disciple of Kobe, Tutum has followed Kobe for a period of time in 2018. . Now Tutum\’s performance is very similar to Kobe. In addition, in an interview, the reporter asked Tumum: \\\”Kobe teaches you when guiding training?\\\” Tamum replied: \\\”Every I have chosen to shoot, I can\’t pass alone. Otherwise, I will shoot. \\\”

Tutum can become superhavite

If Tamum continues to follow now The form of development, no accident, can become superior, because his talent and performance are here. Talent decided to the upper limit, Tagnam talent has been meat

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, it is true that it is superior potential. The attitude determines everything, Tutum is Kobe Distance, attitude should not be worried. However, if a era is in history

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, in addition to his minority iron powder, it is not good to say, ratio, than

, such as Madkat, I wish Tutum good luck!

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