KD13 spy photos Appreciation Nike KD13 delivery time


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Lant is currently a very hot player, Durant\’s full-names of the KD series also received the fans and practical party love, today Xiaobian is watching online At the latest KD13 spy photos, this shoe seems to be different from the past, now take a look at the friends!

KD13 spy photos appreciation

With Nike very like gold swoosh, the hook is very big! And the shoe is also a gold ride, the middle of the front palm and the palm of the palm are in the air cushion! Spy photos exposure keV

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Indurant\’s new signature Ball shoes Nike Kd13, shoes swoosh ruler

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inch with personality, tongue with KD name sign detail.

Nike KD13 release time

I don\’t know what kind of little partner sees this KD13 spy photos, some small partners say that KD13 and PG4 burst from the previous time leads this year\’s actual combat Basketball ugly shoes, but the small partner pays attention, this pair of shoes is just a spy photos! There is no specific food, but there is no specific offer information, and the little partner, you can pay attention to the fun stream!

Durant is a sling of the Bay, the bath is a goddess in the heart of each man. Sometimes even the NBA star talks about the goddess in his heart, it will be as deep as a silk, and the eyes are obsessed with. For example, Durant, one of the most beautiful star of NBA, has publicly announced his favorite Johnson, 2011 Golden Game Awards, when the US Hollywood actress, Johnson, is going on the red carpet Durant fails to send Twitter: \\\”Scarlett, I want to drink your bathing water.\\\”

The hostess of the event is also returned to Durant in Twitter. If he can get a championship in the 2011-12 season, she doesn\’t mind let Durant taste her bath water. Without the finals of the finals, James was helping Miami 4-1 eliminated the Thunder, won the second champion of the Heaters, Durant\’s bath water, was deprived of Zhan.

Beijing time June 13, 2017, the NBA Finals came to an end. The Warriors also got the championship of the dream. The most valuable players in the finals also have no suspense to play the most excellent Kevin Durant. For Durant, he may face an extremely embarrassing thing, that is, drinking the Bay\’s bathing water. Netizens have wondered Push. \\\”Congratulations Durant can finally drink water in Scarlett\\\”, so that the infarction will be burst into the network. However, ScarletsLi, said, she didn\’t play social software at all: \\\”I don\’t have a Facebook or Twitter account …… I am very strange to me, I can\’t imagine this constantly sharing life every day.Every detail feelings. I would rather nothing of the outside world to touch my private life. If I can continue this, I will become a happy lady. \\\”So everyone is a paragraph, reallyWhoever serious and who is lost, but the beauty of the goddess is also a soul, many boys are fascinated by black widows.

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