LBJ11 Black Moon Box Evaluation James 11 black moon is good enough?

Black moon color colors have been very small partner locks followed and liked, and in a series is also a big black moon color price is more expensive, but today Xiaobian brings you a pair of old shoes lbj11 black moon, then James 11 black Is the feet of the feet in the month? How is the lbj11 black moon physical map? Let\’s take a look at the relevant news about the LBJ11 black moon together with Xiaobian of interest.

LBJ11 Black Moon Box Test

SIMS 4 Nike Shoes


The first eye is attracted by handsome color

[123值 值 值 说 说 个 个 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一Zhan 11 Zhan 10 Zhan 15 (only personal feelings!) Plus black moon this color color color is black purple flying line, purple shoes golden hook logo and 3M reflection is very boring ~

Metal buckle

The gift of the spare laces don\’t have a good look, there is no black look!

The shoelace body is a black tape golden ornament

The black moon color detail is really in place, plus 3m reflection ~~ [ 123]

After the same point is also very handsome

Small lion header buckle It is also reflective!

The liner is also very good!

The insole is printed on it, it is in turn, it turns into James, this design is in place

The insole is very thick, there is a long time, it is worried that the actual prove will not be leaked by the year.

The sole pattern is not very wear-resistant ~ Anyway It is also used to press the road ~ it doesn\’t matter

The small pattern on the TPU is actually reflective. I didn\’t think

Is why the sole should do this design this openwork plus plastic film is meaningless. Walking on the road will always worry that step on the sharp item will penetrate the air cushion

James 11 black moon is good?

[123 The foot can feel that the soft force will feel the flexibility of the air cushion can feel the flexibility of the air cushion.

Raising two yards but the length ActuallyJust right? ? ? There is a bit slippery, but the lace wears the last hole, there is no problem ~

is also very handsome

[123 ] LBJ11 and KD9 which is good

First, KD9 uses all the palm visual ZOOM air cushions, improved appearance, but also brings a lot of quality problems, the most common is toes

Nike Caps for Men [ 123] The connection with the front foot Zoom is easy to break, followed by the wear resistance of the bottom, if playing shoes or in the field, it is recommended to consider it.

James 11 generations have been spitted is its upper technology. It is said that Nike adds many \\\”armor\\\” to protect the same \\\”armor\\\” in the upper in order to improve the protection and stability of LBJ11. The use of science and technology has raised protective and stability, but many people have bought it, they will trigger the foot discomfort when they are wearing, they must know that the upper shoes are uncomfortable is a fatal issue of playing. The introduction of this new technology also allows

Nike Dunk Low

This pair of shoes receive some Sneaker\’s vomiting.

If the LBJ shoe is connected to the configuration, the configuration of the LBJ shoe is always higher than the KD series, (refer to KD9 and LBJ14) But for the Student Party, the KD series costs high

lbj11 Which is good and KD9, or you have to look at your choice, you can choose according to your own choice

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