LBJ7 in the middle of the autumn color sale Lebron 7 Retro Medical Appreciation

The Nike James LBJ series shoes have been very popular, this Nike releases LBJ7

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Mid-Autumn Festival Coloring Renewal Return. This is the first time the LBJ7 in the middle of the autumn columns. So attracting a lot of attention and interest in small friends, how is the specific situation? Let\’s take a look at everyone!

Nike Lebron 7 Retro First Year Mid-Autumn Color Imprissibility

After the return return of Air Zoom Generation and Zoom Lebron 3, the next NIKE will bring Lebron 7 back! In front of this Lebron 7-year-old autumn color, it is expected to be officially released in January next year!

First in 2009, James of the year was not a three-year old man, but the little emperor of the sky. Configuration uses the air max air cushion throughout the foot to match the Flywire light upper + inner boots, providing lightweight and powerful cushioning performance.

In the middle of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the festive platinum dress is used to show people, and the upper part of the upper hidden clouds, and the details are more like many metal textures. Special

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Don\’t be worth mentioning, follow the same as the moon cake element, and use Chinese characters to \\\”LeBron James\\\” and \\\”Seven\\\” name and algebra, the insole also has \\\”small emperor\\\” Chinese characters Full Chinese style!

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7 Retro First Year Mid-Autumn Festival Color Offer

It is reported that this first replica is a Mid-Autumn Festival with LBJ7 It was officially released overseas on January 2 next year. Domestic currently has not released specific release information, likes small friends can pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

Nike Lebron 7 Retro Mid-Autumn Festival

Offer Date: January 2, 2020

Offers: $ 200

Nike What is James\’s logo

Just entered the alliance, James is a shirt of the 23rd, so the flag is composed of LBJ in 23 and the name.

Although he is still that LBJ, he is no longer wearing 23 jersey, and is currently wearing 6. It turns out that if we are not interfered by Chinese, it is indeed very special, with a Totem\’s symbol sensation(There are some NBA tattoo Feel), the little emperor, the Crown can only be small in the original mark.The new sign officially crowned a big crown on the lbj.

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