Li Ning Wade dedicated to 7 sleeping sale information, Wade\’s road, 7 free sleep physical details

Remember the Wade\’s road 6 sleepy color matching? The value of the color is super high, and it has received many Sneaker\’s favorite. Recently, I have exposed a group of Wade\’s road 7 sleepless spy photos. So Wade\’s 7-sleep physical detail map is good? Wade\’s Road 7 When is the sleep? Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about Wade\’s Road 7 with Xiaobian.

Li Ningved Wade is worth 7 sleeping information

The news that Wade\’s draw is Wade 7 will be released in mid-January

However, the specific delivery time is still To wait for Li Ning official to announce, Xiaobian and then look at Li Ningve\’s road 7 after the real map of the sleep, it is really worthy of the value

Like the small partner can

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Wade\’s 4-sleep physical details

The first eye is the black and white color of Sleebera of Wade 7 Attracting

The most surprised the upper or

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With 3M reflective, side slash flag is also reflective It looks very cool under the light

The shoes are the logo of Wade 7 wow7

Whether it is reflective or normal Under reflective, the value is very high, Xiaobian is all very much, you feel

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Wade\’s road 7 how to slow down

Compared with six generations, the forefront is really better, and the anti-twist and wrapping feelings are very full . It is also very obvious that the feet feedback from WOW4 is also very obvious. It is a bit like the feeling of the first time to wear Boost, which is undoubted to be a welfare for large weight players. It is quite expected to wear Wade\’s road 7 actual combat.

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