LV first joint skateboard shoes spy photos exposure, Lucien Clarke signature shoes!

Recently, LV has launched a new joint skateboarder, and this is also a personal skateboard shoes created by LV, and this skateboard is now exposed online. How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you, let\’s take a look at it!

LV first joint skateboard shoes spy photos exposure

From the current exposure spy photos, this new color shoe is black-oriented, selecting the mesh The adult leather material is created, and the orange is applied, and the large bottom portion is created by a translucent material. At present, this new joint skateboard shoes are in the exposure phase, have not released specific release information, and friends who like people may wish to pay more!

What is the LV?

It is reported that this new joint skateboarder has a silhouette of the skateboard in 00 years, although LV is the first time with well-known work. The joint shoes launched, but it is still very good! And the cooperation between the two parties is very likely to open the cooperation gate of high luxury boutique on the skateboarding, so

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Little friends may wish to pay attention!

LV brand introduction

LV full name is Louis Vuitton Malletier, Chinese name is Louis Vuitton,

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This brand is A fashion brand from Paris, France, usually founded in 1854, with a long history. After an century, Louis Vuitton became a number of brands in the field of leather boxes and leather parts, and today Louis

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· Vuitton\’s brand is not limited to design and sell high-end leather goods and luggage, but Become a family of fashion, jewelry, sunglasses, leather shoes, suitcase, handbag, jewelry, watch, watch, famous wine, cosmetics, perfume, books, etc., two letters in their brand name are famous for luxury World.

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