official website tomorrow release reminder 7.4

On July 4th, there will be two heavyweight shoes to log in to official website.One is a blend of multi-parallel kd boots classic elements

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KD6 \\u0026 quot; What the kd \\u0026 quot; and another is a comprehensive display of Lebron 11 EXT \\u0026 quot; King \\u0026 # 39;s crown \\u0026 quot ;.Both the two shoes will be sold limited, and the current market is extremely high.Kd6 \\u0026 quot; WHAT NOTE: ¥ 1099 Related information: ¥ 1099 Related information: KD6 \\\”What THE KD\\\” Meitu Appreciates KD6 \\u0026 LDQUO; What THE KD \\u0026 RDQUO; Foot Preview KD 6 \\u0026 LDQUO; What THE KD \\u0026 R

PRod Nike Shoes

DQUO; Sole Details Detailed Interpretation Lebron 11 Ext \\u0026 Quot; King \\u0026 # 39; Scrown \\u0026 Quot; Item No .: ¥ 1999 Related Information: Lebron 11 Ext \\u0026 ldquo; king \\u0026 rdquoDetail detail Lebron 11 EXT \\u0026 LDQUO; KING \\u0026 RSQUO; S crown \\u0026 rdquo; more


Multi-real foot chart James on the foot Lebron 11 ext \\\”King \\u0026 # 39; s crown\\\”

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