OFF-WHITE NIKE ZOOM VAPORFLY 4% 2018 Series Latest Spider Off-White X Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% When

Off-white x nike zoom vaporfly 4% is a very popular series, which has been very concerned about a few years ago. This shoe is really great, it is not difficult to understand, many people like it. It is indeed the reason, the fun of the fun stream is unique to this pair of shoes, I think this pair is good, but there is still a way to improve.

OFF-WHITE NIKE ZOOM VAPORFLY 4% 2018 Series latest spy photos

See the outdoor spy photos

It can be seen this year Semi-translucent shoe body design

But in the color of the upper line, the color of the middle bottom line decoration and some embellished color

Everyone can observe the observation and see the difference between

The whole is quite good

There is no change in structure, Just do some small changes in the details

, is it a perfect shoe?

OFF-White X Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% When Offer

The official is not given a specific delivery time, but the small friends are not born.

OFF-white brand introduction

(this new brand) is OFF -White, (with the PyrexVision ratio) it is more common. I want to make this brand into a brand from the street but not limited to the streets. \\\”- – – virgil abloh

Off-white is a brand created by Kayne West Designer Virgil Abloh, two people have worked for many years, Kayne West has been praised by Virgil Abloh in the media visit. It is said that Virgil is the smartest, efficient and creative person.

A large white strip has a \\\”White\\\” logo as a representative element of OFF WHITE brand.

\\\”Virgil Abloh first established the first brand Pyrex Version, after the first brand successfully opened the visibility in the chairman circle, in 2012, he also established a more commercial OFF-White. [123 ]

When Pyrex Vision is deeply rooted in the name of the lifelike and the name of Lang Lang, it is deeply rooted in many people\’s brain, for V


Irgil, it is just warm-up.If Pyrex Vision is still in a period of time, then Off-white is already a child who will walk.

There are two Chinese physical stores, including Hong Kong Off-White as the first global flagship store.The entrance is full of green fern, through the \\\”tropical rainforest\\\” into the interior, it will see an irregular booth and bronze dragon gantry caused by concrete.

The second flagship store is located in the capital Beijing, stone brick masonry and the gravel iron frame replace the traditional product booth, highlighting the unique creativity, and complement some of the costume design stylesAnd the brand \\\”Safety Line\\\” logo logo appears in the center of the door, extremely eye-catching.

As a luxury trend brand, Off-white is not only designed, but also very well in materials.This is the Off

Nike Socks

-White, a building special

Nike Ski Mask

, a building special, and a very interesting thing, this is a very interesting thing.Not.

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