Ou Wen 6 Desert Red, Desert Green Color Spy photos Appreciation Concepts X Nike Kyrie 6 Desert Color Offers

The latest online shoes, Nike company and other trend brands should be the most, Xiaobian\’s call today is the two Owen 6 color, stranded desert The enthusiasm of the sun is sprinkled. These two Owen 6 color colors have been present.

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Ou Wen 6 Desert Red, Desert Green Color Spy Photographing

Constellation theme used in \\\”Orion Belt\\\” Different, these two color matching seem to be built in a direction inspired by ancient Egypt.

Each pair presents two-tone tone, the first pair of orange / gray and the second pair of metal silver and brown comparison let people think Your tones and elements found throughout the Egyptian tomb art.

Concepts X Nike Kyrie 6 Desert Color Offering Information

Cooperation between CONCEPTS and KYRIE IRVING is undoubtedly one of the more unique partners that appear in the Nike basketball directory. The two sides have studied some works that can be traced back to Kerry, seem to have found a special story of the Brooklyn Netcom\’s guidelines. Now, KYRIE 6 has fully entered the market, and hardwood\’s outline now appeals to headquarters in Boston retailer to help introduce two new design. At present, there is no sale of these two Owen 6 color colors on the Internet. Interested small partners can discuss together!

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Cannot Do Cement?

Wear resistance general

Comparison AJ34, KD12 Wait, the wear resistance of this pair of shoes is still possible, the plastic in the field and the outside is completely no problem. Everyone knows that the cement floor in the field is the biggest damage to basketball shoes. This pair of shoes is no exception, Ou Wen 6 The soles did not be so fragile like other sulfur sulfide, but also, in order to lay a good foundation in the allegations, the soles of Owen 6 did not have a very powerful wear resistance, so the small partners who got their hands [123 ] Baby Nike Shoes Girl

Do not wear European 6 play basketball on the cement floor ~

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