PG3 collision fluorescent powder color release information PG3 collision fluorescent powder

Recently, there is news that Nike is about to be pickled, Paul George\’s 3rd generation of boots for new color shoes. It is reported that NIKE will release Paul George\’s 4th generation boots in early year. Like Paul George

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Friday friends may wish to take a look at this PG3

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. The following small bracelets take a look at this brand new PG3.

PG3 collision-like phosphor color high-definition in kindness

This shoe uses a relatively mature dark color. The soeid is a mesh design to ensure breathable basketball shoes. The tongue sections still have

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represents the name of Paul George.

The sole portion is the light gray and phosphor Nike Swoosh embellishment, and the sides of the sole are splashing designed. The color effect is very obvious.

The interior of the ball shoes can be seen that all inside is made as a tone in pink. There is still a signature logo symbolizing Paul George.

PG3 collision-like phosphor release information

At present, this shoe has officially announced the sale of information, the delivery time is November 1, the sale price is $ 110. I like friends may wish to wait for a few days.


Off November 1

Offers: $ 110

Why is Paul George called a bubble? Pepper

1 Because Paul George\’s name Paul George sounds like \\\”Bubble-Jio Ji\\\”, as explained that in the fast reading of his name, it fell like a pretzer, and then There is a simplified pickled juice, it will become a pickled pepper.

2 As we all know, before the 2010 men\’s basketball team World Cup, Paul George was called for the American men\’s basketball team. In the open training competition in the team before the game, Paul George chasing the hat and changing the basket, and the legs hit the basket, and the calf was seriously fractured. At that time, the game was in broadcasting. People who saw this scene couldn\’t help but breathe a cold, the players and fans were full of horror. In such a serious injury, Paul George will return to the game after the rehabilitation of the year, and in the subsequent season Phoenix Nirvana, the technology is fully improved, and the pedestrian will re-enter the playoffs. The big injury returns, evolved, such as pepper after gotting a variety of sauces and time, spicy flavor is more delicious.

Comprehensive above two points, this is why Paul George called Pepper.

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