PG4 Olio Color Detail Appreciation Paul PG4 \\\”OreEo\\\” Olio Color Offers

! PG4 This pair of shoes, I believe that you have heard that because the color and appearance are not good, I received the vomiting of the majority of users, but the color of the colors behind is really good, how about this nutritious Oreo? ? Let\’s take a look!

PG4 Olio Color Detail Appreciation

The upper is made in white, and the mesh is black in the inner side of the upper. The dark and yang effect in the outer white, making the black and white dress more look.

The triangular reinforcement of the upper is designed with black + white splash, plus the sputter embellishment, which is quite Olya feel.

PG4 is equipped with a new form of Air Sole air cushion, close to the insole, and the feeling is very obvious, it is worth trying.

Paul PG4 \\\”Oreo\\\” Olio Color Offering Information

Compared to the first few color, this black and white dress PG

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4 looks


has a harmonious, and the players who want to have a good thing may wish to wait for this color. Will be released on March 16, there is no detailed information, and interested players can pay more attention.

How to PG4

This pair of PG4 is very excellent in the static package after using double-layer upper, but it causes it to wear a very difficult, even Wear 5 times will also feel the oppression of the upper. It is highly recommended to try on. Dynamic package performance compared to PG3 seems to be unconventional, although the double-layer upper can be restricted by a fixed flying line, but the locking effect brought by the actual combat is not as high as PG3\’s non-pneumatic material.

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