Puma Suede X Karl Lagerfeld Spy photos Puma SuEDe 50th Anniversary Offers

This year is the 50th anniversary of Puma Suede. It has been exposed to a variety of Puma SuEDe50 anniversary. Recently, a master is also exposed, and is the joint name of the old Buddha in the fashion world, then this PuMA Suede X Karl LAGERFELD physical map is good? Let\’s take a look at the information about Puma Suede X Karl Lagerfeld together with Xiaobian of interest.


Inspired from this CHANEL and FENDI creative director iconic suits and sunglasses, two pairs of Puma Suede use simple black, white [123 ] Nike Backpack for Women

, one pair of pairs of laxatives with black suede and white leather, while the other pair adds the tape of the sunglasses, and allocate in the back Portrait of \\\”Old Buddha\\\”.

PUMA SUEDE 50 anniversary issuance information

As a creative director of two major fashion giants of Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld \\\”Old Buddha\\\” is more familiar, silver hair black Sugirlan and black white suit becomes his logo image.

At present, Xiaobian has not received the collection of Puma SuEDe 50th Anniversary, and we will continue to pay attention to and bring the first time!

What is the difference between Puma Suede and Puma Clyde

Clyde is the 70-year NBA superstar Fraser personal exclusive paragraph with his favorite SuEDE as prototype

[ 123] You can pay attention to SuEDE shoes behind the golden leopard logo, and Clyde does not

Nike Shoes for Women Air Max

SuEDo uses suede material and Cly

Nike Basketball Shoes

de Nikikin Leather [ 123]

Personally feel that Clyde is more trend, you can see its joint name and Diamond Undercover, I am quite like

As for the price I think is because SuEDE is constantly retry, the price is relatively low

[ 123] In addition, SuEDE derivatives also have Basket

shoes, which it is to like which kind of buying

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