Rose 11 spy photos suspected exposure Rose 11 when

In the recent basketball training competition in the Rose, a new combat basketball shoes, many small partners are suspected of this pair of shoes is not Rose 11 generation shoes, the current exposure of shoes If you look at it, it is still very possible. Let\’s take a look at the information about Ross 11 generation with Xiaobian.

Ross 11 spy photos suspected exposure

In the last team training, some people found that Rose did not wear

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with his own signature shoes Ros 10 Generation, but a full black shoe that has never seen before.

Let\’s appreciate this pair of shoes, low help design, followed by the TPU, watching the soles like N3XT L3V3L, but there are laces, but may also be N3XT L3V3L Second generation shoes, if this is N3XT L3V3L second generation

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products, it seems that there is no inside in the design, no matter what, we still wait for the official Xuan.

However, there is also a draft of the early design of Rose 10

When is Ross 11

The official of Ross 11 is not information, but the sale of Rose is less than half a year, this double rose11, Xiaobian feels still take a while. If you want to sell, you have to wait until mid 2020. The current words are also the stage of development and testing. Do you pay for this pair of Rose 11 you have a new cushioning technology Lightstrike?

Ross 10 skin, how to maintain

The skin shoes should be used to pay less water, and then dry it in time, don\’t use it when brushing the shoes. [ 123] Nike Basketball Shoes Men

. Daily care can buy a dedicated ball shoes care agent (if you have more shoes, it is recommended to buy a set, the crude brush fine brush cleaning agent deodorant is, the personal feeling is still more affordable), if there is no words, parents\’ shoes and oil You can (notice that you have a mistake). The main purpose is to prevent cracking.

There is also a problem that the skin shoes will also encounter is a pleated crack, but this is very normal, how to mind, you can start other upper shoes, Ha

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