September ball shoes offer calendar: Dunk, AJ1, Yeezy is there!

Today is the end of August, so you will have to usher in September, Xiaobang and everyone share several pairs of coconut shoes in September, in addition to this, many Kobe boots, Dunk shoes The new color sale of AJ1 is still very worthwhile. Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian with interesting network.

September ball shoes offer calendar: Dunk, AJ1, Yeezy Tong Tong!

Item No .: BQ6817-600

Online Date: September 1

Offers: $ 90 [123 ]

Have to say that Chicago color has a unique charm, let people can\’t stop, plus Dunk Sb Low iconic thick shoes and soles, combining basketball classics with street classics.

Nike Dunk SB \\\”Ceramic\\\”

Item No: DA1469-001

Off Sales Date: September 1

Offering price : $ 100

Black upper with orange shoe body frame, ink green dotted Swoosh logo and laces, etc.

AIR Jordan 1 High \\\”Bio Hack\\\”

Item No .: 555088-201

Off Sales: September 4

Offering price: $ 170

Multi-color, multi-material splicing, hood, also presents a full level while bringing a good eye. High-top model is extremely suitable for the upcoming autumn, it will have a good performance after the feet.

Nike Kobe 5 Protro \\\”Eybl\\\”

Item No .: CD4991-300

Offering Date: September 5

Off Price: ¥ 1399 yuan

Take the snake woman\’s demon Mosha is inspiration

Nike backpack for Women

, green with silver gray and red rhinar, retro breath is full.

AIR Jordan 5 \\\”Oregon\\\”

Item No .: CK6631-307

Offers Date: September 12

Offer price: $ 225

A green dressing dress, simultaneous with yellow serrations in the middle, and the difference is that the tongue and the post-follow position.

AIR Jordan 4 \\\”PSG\\\”

Item No .: CZ5624-100

Off date: September 15

Off Price

Nike Shoes x zoom

: $ 225

AIR Jordan 4 is more popular, adding black purple two-color embellishment with lychee skin

Nike Basketball

Makeup point, bake out a noble temperament.

Nike Dunk High \\\”Pro Green\\\”

Item No .: CZ8149-100

Offering Date: September 23

Off Price: $ 110

Coloring is still a familiar white-green theme, just green and more like ink green, traditional leather upper demonstrates Og temperament.

Nike Dunk High \\\”Michigan\\\”

Item No .: CZ8149-700

Off date: September 26

Offering price : $ 120

With the naval blue as a frame, match the Ming Yellow Uel, the overall structure reserved the original design style, OG flanks.


Item No .: FZ5000

Offering Date: September 2020

Offer price: $ 220

Black and white-based woven upper uses splicing design, the black and white woven fabric of different textures is quite \\\”Olylo\\\” feel.

YEEZY BOOST 380 \\\”Pepper\\\”

Item No .: FZ1269

Offering Date: September 2020

Offers: $ 230 Dollar

Peaceminusone X Nike Air Force 1 \\\”Para-Noise 2.0\\\”

Item No .: DD3223-100

Offers Date: 2September 20020

The overall design idea continues the initial generation, still black and white theme, but reverse the two colors, injecting black on large-area white upper Embellish.

Union X Air Jordan 4 United Black

Item No .: DC9533-001

Off Sales Date: September 30

Prices: $ 250

Large-area black upper, supplemented to the old outsole and red detail, and equipped with a yellow sole with an oxidation effect, followed by a bright Nike Air sign.

How to view the prevalence of the ball shoes

One point to see

1: Ball shoes culture prevail, explain people\’s attention, exercise Getting higher, health is constantly pursuit. At the same time, the sports culture is integrated into the shoe, which is a fashionable and sporty combination, which is not very well. Because a pair of shoes can not only show the love of the movement, but also a kind of love for culture.

Second: Excessive pursuit will lead to blindness, follow the wind. There are factors of chasing stars, the ball shoes are always shoes, integrated into a good cultural element, can only be a personal love, can\’t act in the form of \\\”commercial speculation\\\”, which will lose the nature of the ball. Any culture, only in moderate scope, only cultural cultures integrating into the nation.

Three: The youth vitality is four shots, the main force of sports. We need to establish a correct values, excessive pursuit of shoes culture is a self-lost manifestation, whether it is from time and value. We need red spirit, resolutely resist and abandon bad culture. In this way, you can correctly grasp the direction of the global culture.

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