Stunning value + 湃 feet!The new Zoomx Vista Grind is now available!

When the retro trend is still continuing, it is not only like the Paris family and other fashion lines to choose, but many civilianization, sports configuration old is a good match. Recently, Nike has sold Zoomx Vista Grind running shoes with unique retro values. This pair of shoes have very boasting the thickness of the middle, unique profile, making the whole shoes look like cutting from the body, one is divided into two. The upper part of the belly, retains Zoomx\’s wing material upper, thin

Nike Shoes Cute

socks to take off. Swoosh logo landscapped, followed by ride-shaped thermoset, showing sharp movement temperament. The lower half is thick and thick, equipped with Zoomx technology, stabilizes in the streamlined profile of the bee. Half translucent outsole, although thick but not stupid. At present, green and orange colored colors are available overseas, with item number 70i-XHC001, priced at $ 180. Another pair of white, powder

Black Nike Socks

Color will be available on September 7, with $ 180. Interested partners can search for the item number Haitao. Learn more about the shoes, please continue to pay attention to our follow-up report. Nike Zoomx Vista

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Grind Item No .: BQ4800-100 Offers: September 7 Offer Price: $ 180 Pic Via: SBD

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