Wade\’s Road 8 free goddess officially released, buy channels here!

The previous online exposure of Wade 8 new free goddess color, this is finally usually welcoming! This time not only announces the sale of information, but also has a purchase channel and exposed! How is the specific situation, there is not much to say, let Xiaobian lead everyone together to see it!

Wade\’s Road 8 Freelanders Offers

The Wade\’s Road in Wade in Li Ning 4 free goddess color can be described as experienced a lot of shoes fans, but it is very Regret, no one can have a pair of free gods. And the colors of this color, absolutely can be said to be a big highlight!


This new color matching, the whole body is still green-oriented, the golden color is used, and the copper green shape of the free goddess! The follow-up LOGO is presented with unique embroidery, with olive branches around Wade logo, symbolizes freedom and peace.

At the same time, half-transparent green crystal is also integrated into the gold

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color flash is decorated, bringing more gorgeous visual effects!

At the same time, the 5 free goddess color of the Wade is also integrated into Cordura anti-torn mask, full palm shockproof technology and full-scale carbon board and other technology, such The arm can definitely be said to be one of the strongest basketball shoes this year!

It is reported that this new color match will be released on Saturday on August 22, and the sale price is ¥ 1399. In addition, this brand new color color is used as a large vendor, and the volume should be small, and there is also the same wear jersey together!

Like this new colorful friends can go to \\\”Li Ning Basketball\\\” public account to understand the online sale rules and offline launch store lists, ready to prepare!

Wade 8 \\\”Freedom\\\”

Item No .: ABAP113-12

Offer date: August 22

Offer price: ¥ 1399

Wade\’s Road 8 free goddess is worth starting?

Of course it is worth it! This Wade\’s road 8 free goddess color matching can be described as a classic inheritance, and it is also integrated into a lot of innovative design! The whole palm board, all palm, Cordrua fabric, BOA mechanical system, sole magical curved design, whether from the configuration, it is worth it, it is worth you start!

Wade\’s road 8 free gods how to clean

First prepare the shoes cleaning agent, soft brush, Towels and other cleaning equipment, then you can plug the towel in the shoes when cleaning, so you can absorb excess moisture.Next, you can use a hair brush and clean cleaning. After cleaning, you can wrap a layer of paper towel to the shoes, then

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will put the shoes in the cool ventilation.

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