When is Zion generation to sell Zion 1 configuration information

The signature shoes of fat tiger Ti\’an finally came, and there was also a physical map of many shoes on the Internet. It is reported that the first color color is Gen Zion, and there is also a lot of new color colors on the Internet, then this pair When will the shoe are listed? What is the configuration? Let\’s take a look.

When did Zan generation for sale

It is reported that the whole

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will be released on April 29th. The first color color is Gen Zion, the

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pays tribute to the highlights on the Si\’an Stadium and showing people to the young generation player. And \\\”black and white color is especially important for me, and the black and white two colors are very simple and pure. It is the foundation of all colors.\\\”

Zion 1 configuration information

If the relevant information on the Internet is seen, the Zion 1 configuration may be the sole of the whole palm plus the pre-palm Zoom Zoom, saying that the truth Xiaobian first sees this configuration, feel very strange, two will only be low Configuration appeared on the end of the shoes

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揉, however, what kind of, we still wait for the official.

Zion 1 shoes;

Most people say good ugly , But please don\’t say this again, with the picture, you say ugly, release to grab a dog …. If the price can stabilize, I am going to enter a pair, support the fat tiger;

zion 1 Shoes have come, when is the Morand generation, Molant is estimated to be Gao Bang, similar to Kobe series;

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