Yeezy 700 \\\”Mauve\\\” When is the sale of coconut 700 black?

The coconut series has not had a new product for a long time. After a long waiting, Yeezy 700 \\\”Mauve\\\” finally ushered in sale, then when you are selling?

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Coconut 700 black is good enough? Let\’s go to understand.

YEEZY 700 \\\”Mauve\\\” When is it for sale

It is reported that Yee

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ZY 700 \\\”Mauve\\\” will be officially available, selling at October 27 $ 300. Detailed Domestic Offers We will continue to pay attention to the latest reports.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 \\\”Mauve\\\”

Item No. EE9614

Offering Date: October 27

Offering price: $ 300

Yeezy 700 \\\”Mauve\\\” physical appreciation

The upper seems only one hue, but in fact, the dark blue and various depths of purple and brown are five or six colors, color is rich The degree is not the first color matching. There is also a fluorescent yellow detail on the middle of the brown, which increases the appearance of the shoes.

The deeper tone is more suitable for winter match than the first color tone, plus the comfortable sole and warm and thick upper, it is definitely your winter outlets

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